The Evanston Work Ethic Program recognizes that every strong community needs a strong and skilled workforce to ensure diverse opportunities and economic stability.  However, not every high school student wants to attend a four-year college to obtain advanced skills and launch a successful, productive career. All ambitious students deserve respect, support and access to training/certification as they prepare for a chosen profession. The goal of the Evanston Work Ethic Program (WE Program) is to help ETHS students improve their career and technical employment outcomes while meeting the needs of local employers and growing sectors and industries.

The Evanston WE Program provides:

  • mentoring

  • work-ready training

  • tuition stipends and financial aid access ...

to ambitious Evanston Township High School students who will pursue and enroll in an accredited vocational or technical program.  

The Evanston WE Program will collaborate with strong community partners to identify our targeted students and deliver programs efficiently. 

Students are inducted their junior year of high school, participate in a supportive and sequential curriculum of career readiness seminars, receive a paid apprenticeship in the summer between their junior and senior years, and matched 1:1 with a career-related mentor.

Upon graduation, a participant may attend a community college, vocational school, trade school, apprenticeship or other training program in fields such as:

  • automotive technology

  • cosmetology

  • culinary

  • healthcare

  • manufacturing

  • technology

  • transportation